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ISM introduces students to effective use of learning technologies in kindergarten, and thoughtfully challenges them to increase their technology skills and outputs through eighth grade. By the time they graduate our students have used a variety of technology resources to inquire, research, analyze, conceptualize, plan, create, exchange, evaluate, and improve upon a variety of learning products including papers, projects, artwork, and multimedia.

Student Technology Use

Acceptable Use & ISM-Owned Devices

We ask that each student and families discuss and sign two agreements that serve as a baseline for appropriate student technology use at ISM. The first, our Student Acceptable Use Agreement, lays the foundation for responsible digital citizenship. The second, our ISM-Owned Technology Use Agreement, establishes expectations for using ISM-owned digital resources.

Google Workspace for Education

We provide Google Apps accounts for students in grades 5-8, and in lower grades at the homeroom teacher’s discretion. Students and Guardians must sign a Student Google Apps Account Agreement to use these accounts to create and exchange documents and build websites for learning purposes. We do not include email access in our student accounts in grades K-5 in order to limit the risks of having online accounts. We then activate email in grades 6-8 so that students can effectively interact with organizations and experts outside of ISM as they pursue advanced projects.

1:1 Program

Each student K- 8, have a Chromebook assigned to them. Students in grades 5-8 are allowed to take their Chromebooks home. This ensures equal access to technology-based instruction for all students, and creates seamless use of that technology both at school and at home. If students don't have home internet access, they can work offline and then sync files upon return to the ISM campus. Upon graduation, students get to keep their machines. The 1:1 Technology FAQs provide detailed information about the program.



In developing our appreciable technology resources, we have followed these philosophical guidelines:

  • Choose open source over proprietary.
  • Determine desired functionality, then purchase accordingly.
  • Spend on hardware. Get free software.
  • Minimize maintenance burden.
  • Choose devices that facilitate maximum security.
  • Use hosted services rather than in-house servers.
  • Consider leasing rather than owning.
  • Purchase maintenance agreements (e.g. Apple Care) to minimize staffing burden.
  • Provide for training with acquisition.
  • Minimize total cost per unit.
  • Minimize printing; maximize digital exchange.


To protect our investment in technology, all hardware devices are locked in secure, alarmed locations or taken home by staff members outside of school hours. All user accounts are password protected, and students and staff members receive training on effective password creation and account protection.


Current hardware resources for student use include:

  • Google Chromebooks in classroom cabinets for K-5 student use
  • Google Chromebooks, one per 5-8 student through the 1:1 program
  • Water and shock proof digital still cameras and camcorders
  • Virtual reality goggles and Android devices for K-8 student use

Current hardware resources for staff use include:

  • Apple MacBooks, one per staff member
  • Ipevo document cameras, one per teacher
  • Large TV monitors in each classroom
  • Sharp multifunction printer/copiers

Enterprise Solutions

We subscribe to the following hosted solutions:

  • Bloomerang (donor and fundraising management)
  • Charter Vision (financial reporting system)
  • Follett Destiny (library management)
  • Frontline Education (substitute management system) [formerly Aesop]
  • Google Apps (documents, cloud backup, websites, email, calendar)
  • HelpCounter (volunteer and visitor management)
  • ManageBac (curriculum, reporting, and student portfolio management)
  • ParentSquare (parent communication platform)
  • PowerSchool (student information system)
  • School Loop (web publication)

We license the following solutions:

  • MS Office Suite (site license for staff)