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ISM leases facilities from the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) at 1720 Yosemite Street in Seaside under a lease currently effective through June 2022, with provision for renewal through 2027. The 11-acre campus formerly served as MPUSD's K-5 Manzanita School site.  Facilities


Buildings & Spaces

Five permanent and seven relocatable buildings house 24 classrooms, a library/media center, a multiuse room, staff offices, storage, and meeting spaces. All classrooms serve as technology labs, as teachers bring mobile lab carts to the rooms rather than moving the students to a lab. Likewise, mobile science carts and supplies can convert any classroom into a temporary science lab.

Outdoor spaces include three garden areas that can be scheduled for class use—a small kinder-garden, a medium ISM Children's Garden, and a large International Community Garden. Upper and lower paved areas and adjacent fields serve as separate recess areas for 6-8 and K-5 students. The fields also provide space for PE instruction and after-school sports. 



MPUSD provides site maintenance, and carries responsibility for the overall safety of the grounds and facilities. Accordingly, ISM submits work requests to the District when repairs and corrections become necessary to meet codes and ensure the wellbeing of students.

The ISM custodian handles day-to-day cleaning and management of the facilities and furnishings. Also, ISM families contribute thousands of hours to improvement (e.g. painting, repairing, planting) and upkeep (e.g. landscape maintenance, major cleaning) of the buildings and grounds.

ISM continually inspects the site for maintenance and custodial needs, while MPUSD regularly inspects the site to identify scheduled and deferred maintenance needs.