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Our library stands as a model of incredible volunteer power. A highly-organized team of parents, guardians, and grandparents catalogs and inventories the collection, provides staffing during student use hours, manages circulation, and runs read-a-thon and book fair events to raise funds that fund further acquisitions.

Our Library Schoolwide Improvement Team—comprising teachers, staff members, and the lead library volunteer—guides library acquisitions, priorities, procedures, and schedules to best meet the needs of teachers and students.


Interested in joining the team? We always need volunteer librarians to assist students and check books out during the school day. Please see the Front Office Manager & Family Outreach Coordinator to discuss volunteer opportunities and hours.

Library Use Guidelines

General Use

  • No food or drink in the library, except for special events.

  • Talk only when necessary, and use your library voice.

  • Return books to their proper place on shelves (if you know exactly where they go) or place them in the brown book return box.
  • Do not run or jump in the library.
  • Be respectful of all of the shared resources: books, computers and projects on display. Please do not bend pages or write in books.
  • Be sure to check out any library materials you take with you.
  • Return books on time.

Checking Out Materials

  • Materials should be checked out to the student using the computer system, with assistance of the library volunteer, teacher, or staff member.
  • Books can be returned using either the return box located in the library or main office.

Loan Periods

  • Grades K-2 may check out 1-2 books at a time (up to discussion between library volunteer and teacher needs).
  • Grades 3-8 may check out 2 or more books at the discretion of the library volunteer and teacher regarding the research needs of the student.
  • Books can be renewed multiple times, if the length of the books deems it appropriate. Otherwise, students should return books at the next library period.
  • Students should return books on time and in good condition.

Lost Materials & Damage

  • This sometimes occurs. Students should let a teacher or library volunteer know so that they can search the library while the student and parents/guardians check both at home and in their classroom. 
  • The library volunteer can write out a Lost Book Notice for the student that includes information about the book (title, author, price). 
  • If books Payment for lost materials (check’s made out to ISM) main office.
  • Replacement of the materials is also accepted in lieu of payment.
  • If damage is found on a book (marked, torn page, etc…), please bring it to the attention of a teacher or library volunteer.  A note will be made of the damage and it will be repaired.  If a book is damaged while it is checked out to a student or teacher (it gets wet, torn, or chewed); tell the volunteer when you check it in.  In many cases, repairs can be made to fix the book, but if not, you may be charged for the damages or replacement.