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Mission & Vision


A world of understanding


Educate all children toward becoming conscientious, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.

Academic Commitments

Internationalism - Inquiry - Understanding - Success


The world is our home. We will make it better.

Who We Are

A successful school created to...

  • Integrate best practices, established standards, and an international curriculum.
  • Maintain a multicultural environment that advances understanding of and respect for all.
  • Promote strong partnerships among school, home, and community.

Outstanding teachers who...

  • Foster the holistic growth of each student.
  • Apply learning to the real world.
  • Maintain high expectations in the classroom.
  • Continue professional development.

Thriving students who...

  • Think freely and believe in self.
  • Develop personal potential.
  • Respect everyone.
  • Connect with the world.

Involved parents who...

  • Maintain high expectations at home.
  • Express enthusiasm for learning.
  • Participate in each child’s learning every day.
  • Support the school.

Mission & Vision